Service desk and ticket management solution

Where you can streamline your support operations and provide better customer service.

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ARIGAMIX provides a comprehensive solution for managing and resolving customer issues, improving the overall customer experience.

Register support tickets
Statistical reports
Discussion of support tickets
Access from any device
Simple administration
Email integration

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Key Features:

Ticket Management

Track and manage customer requests with our intuitive ticket management system.Version Control - Track changes to your documents and easily revert to previous versions.

Automated Workflows

Streamline your support process with our automated workflows, reducing response times and improving efficiency.Search and Retrieval - Find the files you need quickly with our advanced search and retrieval system

Knowledge Base

Provide customers with self-service options using our comprehensive knowledge base.

Multi Channel Support

Respond to customer requests through multiple channels, including email, chat, and other..

Reporting and Analytics

Monitor the performance of your support team and make data-driven decisions with our reporting and analytics tools.

Integration with Other Systems

Seamlessly integrate our platform with your existing systems, such as CRM and ERP, for streamlined workflows.

Mobile Access

Stay on top of your support operations, even when you're on the go, with our mobile-friendly interface.

Boost your Customer Support with our WhatsApp Bot Module.

We are excited to announce the launch of our new WhatsApp Bot Module, designed to provide our customers with a more efficient and effective way of getting in touch with support team.

By integrating the WhatsApp Bot Module with Arigamix Service Desk, businesses can provide automated responses to customer queries, which are then tracked and managed through the Arigamix platform.

Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, our platform can help you streamline your support operations and provide better customer service.
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Volvo Vostok Director of the Department
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In 2018, our company for the tobacco company Japan Tobacco International in Kazakhstan (JTI Kazakhstan LLP, JTI Kazakhstan) implemented a project to support an electronic document management system platform and business processes based More

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