Automate Processes of Any Complexity

ARIGAMIX Business Process Management (BPM) can streamline and optimize your business operations

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Streamline and optimize your business operations

ARIGAMIX BPM software provides a centralized platform for managing and tracking processes, allowing to monitor progress and make informed decisions.

Modern graphic Workflow Designer
Create processes of any complexity
Works fast on any numbers of active instances
Visual control of process instances execution

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Powerful workflow designer and incredibly fast execution engine

Modern graphic Workflow Designer

User-friendly graphical interface, making it easy for users to create and design workflows with ease

Creation processes of any complexity

Whether you need a simple process or a complex workflow with multiple steps and actions, our system can handle it all

Works fast

Speed does not depend on the number of active instances and process complexity

Decomposition using subprocesses

Allows users to break down complex workflows into smaller, more manageable subprocesses

Triggers on any event in the system

Predefined objects and triggers with customizable options

Support C# scripts

Enabling users to customize and extend the functionality of their workflows

The ability to customize a business process of any complexity

The system can simultaneously serve hundreds of thousands and even millions of active instances of various business processes

Business process templates
Monitoring and debugging processes
Version support
Configure the platform to meet your unique business requirements and processes
PSA Peugeot Citroen Director General
PSA PEUGEOT CITROEN releases a project to automation the electronic document management and archive of financial documents. This document and business process management platform was chosen as a tool for automation. More
Volvo Vostok Director of the Department
The company's financial archive was automated. On the basis of the platform, a project was implemented to support and develop a solution for coordinating documents based on our platform. Further support and development was organized More
In 2018, our company for the tobacco company Japan Tobacco International in Kazakhstan (JTI Kazakhstan LLP, JTI Kazakhstan) implemented a project to support an electronic document management system platform and business processes based More

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