Customization tools
User-friendly interface and mobility
Current overdue tasks
Content management
Customization tools
User-friendly interface and mobility
Current overdue tasks
Content management
Customization tools
User-friendly interface and mobility
Current overdue tasks
Content management
Customization tools
User-friendly interface and mobility
Current overdue tasks
Content management
New generation ECM/BPM platform
Versatile and fast
Create high-performance automation solutions for any business
New generation ECM/BPM platform
One platform -
many solutions
Use ready-made modules or design and develop a unique solution for your needs
New generation ECM/BPM platform
Unlimited scalability
Organize and manage any number of documents and processes
New generation ECM/BPM platform
Any place, any device
Connect your company worldwide colleagues and branches in a single solution for comfortable work

Video presentation

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About system

Technical features
    • On-premise or cloud deployment
    • Windows/Linux-based server, Microsoft SQL Server/PostgreSQL database support
    • Web-client for any modern desktop and mobile browser
    • Docker and virtual environments support
    • Desktop client for Windows with automatic updates
    • Low hardware requirements
User-friendly interface and mobility
    • Familiar interface on any device
    • Customize the appearance of the system according to your preference
    • Convenient document approval module, online or offline via e-mail
    • Built-in preview for all common document types
    • Open and edit files with your favorite editor right from the browser
    • Forums and discussions in the context of your documents
    • Charts and graphs
Content management
    • Batch document scanning, barcode support
    • Full-text search
    • Electronic signature support
    • Unlimited number of logical and physical content storages using FileSystem/SMB/S3 protocols
Customization tools
    • Flexible role-based access control subsystem
    • Easy-to-use designers of objects, forms and representations of any complexity
    • Document templates module: create PDF documents from docx, xlsx, html templates, filled in with your data
    • Powerful workflow engine and designer for business process management
    • Localization for any language
    • Active Directory\LDAP, Kerberos and SSO (SAML)
    • Rich API for system extension and integrations
    • Temporary links for secure file sharing without authorization
    • ABBYY integration for text recognition (OCR)


Contract management and invoice processing
Service desk and ticket management
Solutions for the financial sector (banks, insurance companies)
Electronic document archive
Human resources and legal workflow
Automation of arbitrary processes of the company
You can request a demo version of the system to explore all its features



Director General
PSA PEUGEOT CITROEN releases a project to automation the electronic document management and archive of financial documents. This document and business process management platform was chosen as a tool for automation...More
Director of the Department of Methodology and Documentation Support
In November 2017, was implemented a project based on ARIGAMIX(Tessa) for Volvo Vostok. The company's financial archive was automated...More


Document Lifecycle Management with Arigamix: From Creation to Archiving
We are pleased to introduce Arigamix - a comprehensive platform that provides full control over the lifecycle of your documents.
Arigamix and Electronic Signature. Document Signing and Exchange Processes
In the Arigamix platform, there are special features that significantly simplify document signing and exchange processes. Now you can easily and securely sign documents with an electronic signature and efficiently manage their exchange.
Mobile Approval Arigamix: Access Anytime, Anywhere.
We are pleased to introduce you to the functionality of mobile approval with Arigamix, which allows you to work with documents conveniently even outside the office
Arigamix Integration with Other Systems
Creating a Unified Information Space for Your Business
5 Reasons to Choose Arigamix!
Here are the 5 key reasons why you should choose Arigamix:
We are pleased to present you a unique case study showcasing how Arigamix has completely transformed document management.
It is a powerful tool that offers a wide range of features to enhance work efficiency and ensure optimal document utilization.
Email Approval in ARIGAMIX Platform
Now you can streamline the document approval process by directly utilizing your email