Solving staffing problem with Arigamix

Solving staffing problem with Arigamix

Arigamix solutions offer a variety of settings for any type of organisation or company to set up remote, hybrid or in-house combinations of work.

Rising problem with hiring new employees among younger generations appears to be worldwide. It is obvious that some countries have better awareness of the situation than others. Offering new employees some freedom for their work, solves the problem.

A recent study led by Stanford economist Nicholas Bloom found that employees who work from home two days a week are just as productive and likely to be promoted as their fully office-based peers. Moreover, hybrid work dramatically boosts retention rates, with resignations falling by 33% among workers who shifted to a hybrid schedule. So, it appears that the hybrid model strikes a balance, improving work-life balance, retention, and engagement without harming performance.

All Arigamix solutions, Document Management System, Service Desk and Customer Relationship Management system are designed to be worked on from desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

Wide variety of features were designed for customised solutions to accommodate needs of different organisations and they are all available to adapt to any new company. It is important to emphasize the resilience that it offers in case of natural disasters.

Some feature highlights for administrators:

  • Administrators can create roles and access rules and they can monitor and manage different operations (roles recalculation, file conversions, etc…).
  • Overview of current open sessions and option for an end report of amount of time spent in the systems by users.
  • ready made reports of finished activities, tasks, documents, processes by groups/teams or users – full action history is available for them.
  • Once the setup is done for a new employee, that employee can change locations, time zones, languages and can continue the work uninterruptedly with no extra work needed for admin to change his settings every time user relocates.
  • Can do little tweaks and reorganisations of approval stage templates from anywhere.
  • Organise email notification for when users execute certain type of activity.
  • In case of detected threat, block the user and all his access permissions with one quick tick ✔️ placement.
  • Use of Application Programming Interface to connect Arigamix to other systems to track progress, activities, set up notifications, etc.
  • Option to leave the internet security responsibility to worldwide top rated cloud providers.


Feature highlights for users:

  • Once user personalises his settings, he will see the same setup and organisation of features and files, regardless if he just arrived to the office, coworking space, logged on to some public fixed personal computer or tablet at some construction field. If battery of the device he is working on dies, user can just pick-up other device and continue the work.
  • Automatically created digital archive with all document versions.
  • Saved communication with all clients and coworkers with options to continue simply.
  • Quick check from smartphone device for approvals, email confirmation, email notification.
  • Integration with Outlook and Gmail emails saves from jumping from one app to another.
  • Integration with Chat & Call apps to initiate a call by clicking earphone icon next to the client phone number info in the list of clients in the Arigamix CRM – using wifi to save on roaming costs.
  • Use of Deski assistant app to do the Word and Excel tasks inside Arigamix.

Buying software licenses for users for whom the employer is not sure how long they will stay is becoming quite an issue. Therefore, the number of subscriptions for Arigamix solutions can be ordered for the current staff and then reduced or increased every quarter as needed.

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