Adria Security Summit: opportunity to present Arigamix solutions as SaaS






Next to new Arigamix platform design and new Customer Relationship Management solution, Arigamix had a chance to present Software as Service option at the annual Adria Security Summit.

Adapting to fast changing markets and challenges that companies are facing, the news was welcomed with great positivity. By our partners from all Adriatic countries. For large organisations with unique workflows and business processes, fixed licence price is stil an option. SaaS is just an adition in our pricing policy.

Choosing Software as Service option, even the one-man-band companies or enterpreneurs with smallest teams can afford any of our solutions. From Service Desk ticketing solution, Enterprise Content and Business process management of any complexity, or Customer Relationship Management system. If they face employee fluctuation, they can just add up or cancel one subscription. Hopefully adding up is the future.

Software as Service with option of canceling any time, also brings much needed releif and feeling of safety to decision makers, who can adjust their expenses according to current business processes.

All our existing clients are now able to order an upgrade of Arigamix platform with new design with advanced options. And everybody is welcome to order a live demo of any of our solutions right away.

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