Arigamix API for integrating with other systems

The Arigamix platform has an extended application program interface (API), which opens up unlimited possibilities for expanding the functionality of solutions and for integrating Arigamix-based solutions with other information systems.

Client extensions allow you to implement advanced logic on the side of the web client with which the user works. This could include additional data checks, additional dialog boxes, extensions to standard user interface features, and so on. Almost any event on the web client side can be extended with additional functions. For example, when you enter an amount in a certain field of the contract card, the tax amount is immediately calculated in the adjacent field.

Server extensions can make calls and receive data from other information systems or send Arigamix data to external information systems. For example, you can acquire a list of budget items or a catalog of product units from an ERP system. During the process of approving an invoice, you can make a request to an external system and automatically determine whether the budget has been planned for paying the invoice. The agreed document can be automatically sent to the counterparty, for example, through integration with DocuSign. And this is all done using the API.

In addition, from an external system you can perform almost any action in Arigamix using the API. For example, you can create a new card for a counterparty, document or other entity, you can acquire data on the required document, you can launch the approval business process, and so on.

Using APIs, you can create end-to-end business processes in a company that will unite several information systems and help significantly optimize work. Proper use of APIs will save a lot of resources, finances, time, avoid errors and improve employee performance and business results in the long term. 

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